why hire aso consultant

Application Store Optimization (ASO) is the way toward advancing versatile applications to achieve a higher position in the application store query items and top chart rankings. Because of its similarities to search engine optimization (SEO) for websites, app store optimization is also referred to as App Store SEO, App Search Optimization, and Mobile App SEO.

App Store Optimization is done by noting the right application store keywords and by keeping the application store keywords in the correct places and by converting guests to users.

Why is ASO important that you need to Hire an ASO Expert?

According to Forrester, 63% of apps get discovered through app store searches. This research makes clear that search, in the app store, is the most used method for finding and downloading new apps.

And, that is where you need an ASO consultant to help you out!

ASO (APP STORE OPTIMIZATION) consultants put all their efforts in two ways, one on On-Page Factors and another is Off Page Factors.

On Page, factors are the ones that fall under the direct control of a developer and can be easily modified from Google Play Console or App Store Connect. On page, factors include App Name / Title, Subtitle, Keywords Field & Promotional Text, etc.

Off Page factors are the ones that cannot be controlled but can be influenced by developers to improve them. Off-metadata factors include volume & velocity of installs, the volume of ratings and reviews, and the average rating.

Things that comes with a good ASO consultant:

Extending our discussion on why should we hire an App Store SEO consultant, we will discuss the benefits of hiring an ASO consultant:

1. Years of ASO Experience

ASO is not something that cannot be learnt overnight. It takes time to learn and specialize in a particular field, and ASO is not an exception. Therefore, if we hire an excellent ASO consultant, he brings in years of experience with him. With his experience, he has probably faced these situations earlier in his life and therefore, can act better.

2. A Proven Track Record of ASO Success

There are tons of blog posts and articles that describe various ASO tactics one can use. However, if you compare using the tactics and deploying an ASO agent, you will feel a whole level of difference. Whatever tactics you develop on your own reading the blogs and watching videos on the internet is comparatively of a lower level. Therefore, hiring an ASO consultant will bring a professional touch to everything.

3. Analytical Skills

A good ASO consultant has tremendous analytical skills. He can look into the insights, draw conclusions, and then formulate strategies accordingly.

4. Understanding of the Local Market

For applications that are active in more than one country, localization is essential. Understanding of the different local markets and how mobile app localization work is critical to know. The ASO consultant can put his best foot forward to understand this.

5. Knowledge of UX Design

UX Design refers to User Experience Design. It is the sensation, emotion, and attitude that a particular person feels after using a product, commodity, or service in a human and computer interaction. The ASO consultant understands the importance of an excellent UX Design and thus helps you build a sound system.

The Takeaways

The ASO consultant job description is not the same for all the companies, and it varied from company to company. Ultimately, the success of an application in app stores depends mostly on the quality, usefulness, and likability of the app along with good ASO consultant strategy which understands the utility and role of these apps by their customers along with the rivals. A good ASO Consultant improves the visibility of a mobile app in an app store and also helps in building a good business model.