Whenever we work with Google Ads for advertisements, the first step that comes is to create a campaign and what type of campaign one should choose depends on the goal of the advertisement. The various types of campaign determine where the ads will be displayed, one can make it more specific using the additional settings that it provides.

Below are the campaign types that are most commonly used and smart advertisers should be aware of:

google ads campaign types

1. Display Campaign

display ad campaings

It displays the advertisements throughout the Google Display Network. It works by comparing the advertisements with websites or mobile apps contents that are related to the business or the costumers’ interest. You can match your advertisement as per the most relevant Display site based on their topics interested audiences, demographics, and more. Display type campaign is useful for those who want to generate awareness of their business and target audiences with specific interests across the web.

2. Search Campaign

search ads campaigns

This type of campaign works by displaying your advertisements near Google’s search result or other Google sites depending upon the search terms that are relevant to the ad’s keywords. This type of campaign is useful for the advertisers who wish to show their ads to the customers right when they are searching for related products or services.

3. Search Campaign with Display Opt-in

search with display opt in

It is a Search campaign that comes with a ‘Display opt-in’ option, helping the advertisers to display their advertisements on the search result page of Google Search Network and also on the relevant Display Network.

With this only search ads are needed to be created and it is displayed on both Search and Display network.

With Search Campaign with Display opt-in’ expansion of audience becomes easy. The ads can reach the public right after they search for similar things, whether they are looking for it on Google Search or on a website.

4. Video Campaign

youtube ads campaign

Video Campaign allows the advertisers to run video ads on YouTube and on-site across the Google Display Network. This way one can engage the customers on YouTube and other video partner sites. The available videos and formats are- TrueView in-stream ads, TrueView video discovery ads, and bumper ads.

5. Shopping Campaign

With this, the ads appear in Google Shopping, next to search results, and near text and responsive ads. They also show up on Google Search partner websites like YouTube. This is useful for the retailers who want to promote their online inventory, or who look for better-qualified leads. It is also useful for those who wish to boost their traffic on their website or local store.

6. Universal App Campaign

google universal ad campaign

As the name suggests, this campaign promotes the app across the web including Search, Display, and YouTube. The ad and bids are adjusted in such a way that it gets the most downloads for the app. One just has to provide some texts, a starting bid and budget, and include the geographic locations for the advertisement. The system than itself tries various combinations and shows the best performing advertisement.