As the market is transforming itself into a digital platform, the job opportunities are changing. More new career fields are getting introduced to the mass, giving them an opportunity to steer away from the traditional technological or medical field and make themselves proficient in some more advanced working sectors.

One of these newest trends in the career options is the SEO field which is becoming popular at an alarming rate in India as well as in the whole world. The opportunity that one would receive in this particular field of the digital market is miraculous, leaving no stone unturned in shaping a brilliant and vibrant future.

What is SEO and why is it important in today’s market?

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is one of the most powerful tools in shaping the fate of a website, regardless of its origin, purpose, and business. It’s more of a procedure where following some proper techniques and strategies, the online visibility of a website is increased. This means that more your site is optimized, for more number of times it will appear in the organic search. And as a result, your traffic will increase and your website will become popular.

So, you can very well imagine that lakhs of businesses are now moving towards the digital platform and hence, they do need SEO websites to make them visible in front of the mass. And proper optimization will be done only by the experts and the professionals because the techniques go on getting complicated as traffic increases.

When and how professionals did start taking SEO as a career option?

Google is the best search engine which ranks the different websites based on their search engine algorithms. As the market started to get digitalized, Google too improved its algorithms and made them more complex. This prevented the webmasters from making a site SEO optimized because they lacked the preliminary knowledge about the various techniques.

This deathblow to the market led to the rise of the professionals who were trained experts in dealing with the various aspects of this digital marketing strategy. These professionals utilized tricks and combined several strategic ideas in order to increase the online visibility of a webpage. This further helped them in entering the market as trained professionals and soon, SEO became a career for many graduates.

What are the career options for SEO in India?

When you have made up your mind about becoming a professional SEO expert in a reputed digital marketing company, then you should be aware of the different career options waiting for you in the market.

    For the starters, SEO executive is the ideal designation in the digital marketing companies.

    You can also look for job opportunities in start-up companies who are looking for SEO experts.

    You can join the reputed SEO service provides as the team leader, consultant, and so on.

    Becoming an SEO consultant will give you the advantage of working for more than one company.

How much does an SEO expert earn while working in a company? Initially, in Indian SEO companies, the fresher individuals usually get 12,000 to 15,000 INR depending upon the education and the company. After four to five years, this amount escalates to atleast 50,000 INR per month if the person gains enough knowledge about content marketing and SEO techniques.

So, with the growing demand for digital platforms, the various businesses are looking for different SEO professionals. More graduates are training themselves in this field by taking up online seo professional courses or joining seo training institutes and afterward, they are joining various companies as fresher. The field of SEO career is wide and variant. All one needs to do is to learn and experiment to reach to the top of the food chain of the market.