Already spending a lot on Google Ads? Are you sure you’re not wasting money? Do you know the real ingredient to actually take care of? Negative keywords, this is it!

If you already know what I’m talking, you’re doing the right thing! Else, you were burning your or the client’s money until today.

There are search terms that give disagreeable impression or click across various campaigns. A record can be made of these negative keywords which includes those terms, and in an appropriate Google Ads campaign the record of those keywords can be applied. By doing this you will not need to manually add the same negative keywords to a particular campaign, and across the campaigns the changes of negative keywords can be made more easily in future.

The Advantages of using negative keywords effectively in PPC Campaigns:

  • 1. Better CTR or Click Through Rate, it is the percentage of viewers who click on your ad after seeing the ad.

  • 2. Better Conversion Rate, it is a ratio of total viewers who clicked on your ad to the viewers who went on to convert.

  • 3. Better Quality Score, t is the estimation of the quality of your ads. A google Ads quality rating that affects the amount you pay for ads.

Just like the regular keywords research, negative keyword research should also be a continuing process and The three common scenarios for this are:

1. Before the launching of the google ads campaign

This is known as proactive negative keyword research. By discussing and researching all the multiple irrelevant searches your ad can be shown, and, before you launch your ad set those negative so that you can save your money you wasted on clicks and you can prevent the harmful effects they have on your quality score.

2. Once a Campaign is Live

This is known as Reactive negative keyword research as it is the reason irrelevant searches that your ad has already matched against.

During the first few days when the campaign’s going live. For keywords with high impressions and low clicks you should mine your search query research.

3. On an Ongoing Process

On a weekly basis, many PPC marketers do negative keywords research but at any time negative keyword research can only help a live campaign. Mine search query reports for dips in quality score or conversion rate. These are the signals that your ads are shown on irrelevant searches and are negatively influencing your campaign performance.

Entering Negative Keywords to Google Ads

The negative keywords can be added to the Google AdWords by logging into the AdWords account. Then to add negative keywords to your campaign is go into your campaign itself that you’re working on. Click on Keywords, click on the Negative Keywords tab.

Then click on blue plus icon to add negative keywords.


Now, if they are campaign negative keywords, these are keywords that you want to make sure don’t pull up any ads across your entire campaign, you can add them here, or you can add them into individual ad groups and select them.


One of the best things about the Negative keywords Feature of AdWords is that if you will add the Negative keywords once for an Ad group level, it will not appear within the group for any other Ad.

The same is applicable foe the campaign level as well. If you will add any negative keywords for a campaign level it will not appear for any other Ad with the campaigns. That means your Ad will not show for any of these Negative keywords added either to the ad levels or to the campaign level.