Online Google Ads Training

Online Google Ads Training Course

Invest in yourself and your career with this self paced Online Google Ads previously known as Google Adwords Training Course. You dont just get the best curated Google Ads training course material but also get one of the best Personal Google Ads Coach in India to help you learn Google Ads, work on LIVE Google Ads Project and become Google Ads Ready.

Duration / Course length: 6 Weeks
Personal Coach Given for: 8 Weeks
You Pay: INR 3600

What Will You Get?

  • Personal Google Ads Coach,
    to help you learn faster and better!
  • Quizzes and Live Project,
    to gamify and make learning fun.
  • Best Curated Material,
    to help you know what Google Ads experts know!
  • Only 50% Advance,
    Pay only 50% at the strat of the Course!

Description About Online Google Ads Course

Learn the foundations of pay-per-click advertising with this Online Google Ads training course is designed to help you learn how to build campaigns. Understand different structures and ad types. Experiment with bidding strategies. Master optimization basics, and explore platform reports. By the end of the training, you’ll know everything you need to create effective PPC ads on the Google ad network.

Google Ads Online Course Curriculum For This Course

  1. What is Google Ads
  2. How does Google Ads work?
  3. PPC vs SEO
  4. Why Google Ads?
  5. Google Ads Network
  6. Google Ads Campaign Types
  7. Choose the best Campaign Types
  8. Google Ads Account Structure
  9. Create your Account From Scratch
  10. Quiz on Module 1
  1. Quality Score
  2. Ad Rank
  3. Impressions
  4. Call-To-Action(CTA)
  5. Click Through Rate (CTR)
  6. Cost Per Click (CPC)
  7. Cost Per Acquisition
  8. Cost Per Mile (CPM)
  9. Landing Pages / Destination Pages
  10. Bid Strategy
  11. Daily Budget
  12. Ad Extensions
  13. Negative Keywords
  14. Quiz on Module 2
  1. When to run Search Campaigns
  2. Understanding User Intent
  3. Keyword Reserch
  4. Understanding Keyword Match Types
  5. Create your First Search Campaign
  6. Creating Compeling Ad Copy
  7. Optimizing with Ad Extensions
  8. Dynamic Keyword Insertion
  9. Using the Search Term Report to Find Negative Keywords
  10. Adding Negative Keywords at The Ad Group & Campaign Level
  11. Quiz on Module 3
  1. Intro to Google Display network
  2. Difference Between Search & Display Network
  3. When to run Display Campaigns
  4. Display Ad Formats
  5. Display Targeting Options
  6. How to Create a Display Campaign
  7. Measurement Based on Goals
  8. Quiz on Module 4
  1. What is Remarketing
  2. Different Remarketing Campaigns
  3. Understanding Your Remarketing Goals
  4. Creating a Remarketing List
  5. Setting up a Remarketing Campaign
  6. Advanced Targeting: Target & Exclude Audiences
  7. Quiz on Module 5
  1. Why YouTube Ads
  2. YouTube Ad Formats
  3. Create YouTube Ads
  4. Optimise your YouTube Ads
  5. Quiz on Module 6
  1. App Promotion Ads
  2. Universal App Campaign
  3. Create Your App Promotion Campaign
  4. Optimise Your Universal App Campaign
  5. Reporting and Monitor your Campaign
  6. Quiz on Module 7

About the Online Google Ads Course Instructor

Tushar SEO Expert
Tushar Chopra SEO Expert, Digital Marketing Consultant

As a Growth Hacker, PPC and Google Ads Expert, Tushar has consulted many small and medium enterprises to increase sales and improve conversion using various Google Ads Optimisation techniques.