There’s nothing mystical about search engine optimization as anyone can learn SEO online. However, it is not everyone’s forte. Often, to help our websites’ search engine rankings, we end up outsourcing it to SEO Experts. Even if we try to do it ourselves, there is always a time when we are stuck and need to seek expert advice. This highlights the relevance of a career as an SEO professional.

If you have significant knowledge, freelancing is worth giving a shot. It is a great way by which individuals can steer their career ahead, working on their own terms. Keep reading to find out how to start your career as a Freelance SEO expert:

1. Assess your SEO understanding: Before you start imparting your services as a freelancer, first get equipped with all that is about SEO. Once you have gauged that understanding, ensure that you have adequate resources, tools and software that would be necessary. This understanding will assist you reach out for the right projects as per your skill set and also perform better.

2. List your services on a website: You’ll need a website to market your skills and services, before establishing yourself as a freelance professional. This is immensely beneficial as it showcases you as a reliable candidate for your prospective clients. Also, this will be efficient for you as well as the clients who might get in touch with you to get their project started.

3. List on portals and start bidding: Once you have decided to pursue your career as an SEO freelancer, look for leads for getting projects. Listing on freelancing portal is similar to that of putting out your business on an e-commerce platform, selling your services as well. Finding the right leads can be overwhelming for new freelancers when they are not aware about them.

4. Have a look at what leading freelancers are doing: For operating as a successful professional, you ought to work like one. Incorporating the work ethics of popular freelancers will help you make better bids, frame job cover letters and even get some great deals. To stay aware of the latest happenings around the globe in freelancing trends, you should become a part of various freelance communities. It’ll also benefit you in creating a strong union of like-minded people, who can be your lighthouse in tricky situations.

5. Stick to your work schedule: A career in freelancing is not always hunky-dory. This too needs dedicated work hours like any other profession. Being a freelancer, you’ll be primarily be expected to instantly churn ranking for your clients which means you’ll have to give your hundred percent into that direction. Your efforts will go into timely submission as per client’s expectations and work as per schedule.

6. Start small and become credible: in order to land up with awesome projects, good work recommendations and client reviews go a long way. They are critical in building your credibility as a reliable freelancer. You can ask for feedbacks after the successful completion of your projects. Thus, it is not always about catching the bigger fish, whereas it is about getting quality projects.

7. Know your worth: It is an established fact that veteran freelancers are capable of making more money than the newer ones. But, that will be achieved only when you realize your full potential and are able to quote the pricing of your projects as per them. With the ever increasing intense competition, this becomes an obligation to work on stipulated rates and not consider projects at any rate lower than that.

Initially, it will all be very challenging but full of opportunities. Before making your move towards freelancing, it is important for you to analyze if you are a right fit for this kind of work opportunity. If yes, you can surely go ahead and start your freelancing career instantly.