Search engine optimization, these days has become very important and it is has become a necessity for every Webster to comprehend the real meaning of SEO as well as how it helps in a booming business.

SEO Definition or What is SEO?

SEO actually stands for Search Engine Optimization, which is a very popular digital marketing tactic to raise the quality and quantity of traffic to your site from organic search results.

The Significance of SEO or Importance of SEO:

In the competitive market, SEO is of utmost importance than ever before. Search engines help the plethora of users every single day seeking answers to their queries. If you possess a website, personal blog or any online store. SEO can surely help your business bloom and complete its marketing motives.

Furthermore, the studies are proof of the fact that SEO can have a relatively better ROI than not just the usual ways of marketing like TV and print advertisements but also better than Search and Display advertisements.

Following 4 reasons would certainly help in providing a clear picture as to why SEO is the need of the hour irrespective of the industry or business size, and why SEO is required to make your brand reach a whole another level.

1. SEO will help you to stay ahead in the competition. Consider, two websites selling identical products but the one which has a search engine optimized website will surely have an upper hand in terms of sales and buyers.

2. Search engines hold an image of trustworthy source among the users and having a place in top results for what the user is searching would make the users trust that website.

3. Don’t make a mistake thinking that SEO is only about search engines. Good SEO tactics improve the experience of users and the usage of the website.

4. Traffic coming from the organic search is kind of free. But to attain that visibility will take its time and would require efforts (money), but a click or impression is not directly charged. Organic search engine hence presents an enhanced ROI over various forms of paid media and surely an improvement over PPC.

In this exponentially changing world, SEO tactics can change-and the worst aspect is, that you may never know about it. Techniques that could have won you a first-page result may even take a toll on your site’s ranking. Specifically, when those techniques cause your site a penalty from Google it is hard to revoke that.

Therefore you must stay on top of the game in SEO and know what is beneficiary for you keep your distance from bad SEO. If you fail to do so then you will see your competitors overtake you in a jiffy.

SEO Process, Step by Step:

SEO methods have changed throughout the years, and the methods of the past may not prove to be so efficient now. Various old techniques that you may be using in today’s time will not help you in getting the results that you might be looking forward to.

You must follow the exclusive SEO tactics to be gain the topmost position in google. In this article, I will encompass the exclusive SEO methods which SEO specialists use in order to rank top on google.

Phase 1: Keyword Analysis

Keyword analysis the method to identify the most necessary keywords suitable for our site. Keyword analysis needs keyword analysis aids which will help us look for the most considerable keywords for our site.

Phase 2: Competition Research

Look for your competition using competition research. You will be able to perform competition research through various SEO applications and aids.

Phase 3: Search Engine Optimization Audit.

Examine recent site and its position for chosen keywords, this would provide you with a fundamental idea about what improvements can be made on your site. SEO examination is a crucial part of SEO methods.

There are many professionals of SEO who tend to skip this method and move on directly to the next stage. Certainly, site examined and research is a difficult task if you are not aware of the basics of SEO, ranking criteria and how does the google determine the ranks of websites.

Phase 4: On-page SEO Modification

Google is growing to be more intelligent and including content full of keywords will not help you gain the top rank after the changes in recent processes.

On-Page modification advice:

Write authentic and relevant content.

Do not keep on adding keywords rather give useful information.

The layout of your website, URL layout will matter.

The loading speed of your website should be fast and the website should be mobile friendly. Do update your website regularly.

Phase 5: Off-page SEO Modification

Links are useful for gaining trust and ranking. But you shouldn’t create links from any site rather earn your links from a genuine website which should is of relevance. If you tend to start creating links from a dull quality site having low content, you won’t be able to achieve ranks.

Phase 6: Monitor results: Traffic and Positions

SEO isn’t done once but you will need to keep updating your content and website, keep building fresh content quite regularly. If you don’t look after your ranking and add on to your content you may lose your ranking gravely.